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OracleAS Discoverer 10g is an industry-leading tool that provides flexible access to business information, helping companies reduce their IT request backlog. As an OracleAS Discoverer 10g Business Intelligence Administrator, you will satisfy your organization's ever evolving reporting needs.

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  Oracle Reports Developer 10g: Build Reports  

Path Details

  • The curriculum recommended for the OracleAS Discoverer 10g Business Intelligence Administrator teaches the knowledge and skills you need to bridge the gap between business needs and raw data, providing flexible reporting solutions
  • Be in demand - Administrators skilled with OracleAS Discoverer 10g provide much needed access to business intelligence across organizations using Oracle technology
  • Complete this path to develop the skills you need to help users safely and efficiently run intelligence reports
  • Learn directly from the source - Oracle University courses are developed by the Oracle product development teams
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    • Oracle Reports Developer 10g: Build Reports

      Learn to build complex and sophisticated reports from any data source, in any format, using Oracle Reports Developer ( In this course, participants also learn to deploy the reports using OracleAS Reports Services.

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