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R12 Oracle E-Business Suite Customer Relationship Management - Learning Path

Oracle's integrated R12 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is a set of applications that give you information-driven sales, service, and marketing. Oracle CRM is built on an open, standards-based architecture that streamlines business processes, improves data quality, and allows all your key divisions to draw from the same source of data. Once you learn the essentials of Oracle R12 E-Business Suite, you can develop advanced knowledge in any of the following focus areas:

  • Oracle R12 Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales
Whether you pursue recommended courses for a focus area or select advanced topics from multiple Oracle E-Business Suite Customer Relationship Management focus areas, the Oracle University curriculum for R12 Oracle E-Business Suite is created to meet your objectives. These courses target new and existing students. Review Oracle University's recommended learning paths and select the courses that are right for you.

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