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Instructions to Join the First Day of Class

Follow the below directions to login to your web and audio conferences on the first day of class. As a reminder, students are requested to join class 30 minutes in advance on the first day to allow time for troubleshooting any issues.

To Join the Web Conference

1. Click the WebEx session link in your pre-class email notification.

Your pre-class email notification is sent approximately 6 days in advance of class. (show me) If you didn’t receive it, please check with whomever enrolled you in the class, as they may have received it instead. If you need further help locating your notification, please contact us.

The link will take you to the Oracle University WebEx portal.

2. Enter your name and email address where indicated and click Join Now. (show me)

Depending upon whether you have used WebEx before, you may need to install an ActiveX control to join the conference. Click on the yellow bar and choose "Install ActiveX Control". (show me) You may be asked if you want to run or install the application. Cick "Run" or "Install" as appropriate to continue.

You will be brought to a Session In Progress window while WebEx initializes. (show me) Do not close this window. This initialization process may take a few minutes to complete. When complete, you will be joined into your class. (show me)

To Join the Audio Conference

If you are uncertain how the audio for your class is supported, click here.

If the audio for your class is supported via teleconference (e.g. standard telephone):

Click here to locate the phone number. The passcode is contained within your pre - class notification. (show me)

If the audio for your class is supported via VoIP

If the audio for your class is supported via VoIP, ensure your USB or Analog headset is plugged into your computer, and follow these additional steps.

1. A volume pop-up box will appear upon logging into WebEx.

2. Select the desired speaker and microphone volume levels, and then close the box.

3. From the top menu in WebEx, select Audio> Integrated VoIP > Leave Conference

4. Re-select Audio and then choose Audio Setup Wizard

This will launch the WebEx Audio Setup Wizard.

5. Follow the directions indicated in the Wizard and click Next (show me)

You will be asked to record some sound and play it back. (show me) You should be able to hear audio on your headset. Adjust the volume as needed.

6. Select Audio from the menu and choose Integrated VoIP > Join Conference

Close the volume pop-up box if it appears again.

You are now ready to participate using VoIP.

To speak while using VoIP, highlight your name in the participant window and click Ask for Mic. (show me) When the host passes the microphone to you, you will have the ability to speak using VoIP. You will also be able to mute and unmute yourself as necessary.

Need Help?

If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact us by submitting a Service Request, Chat Live with a Oracle Technical Solutions Consultant or by calling the phone numbers listed here. You may also review the Troubleshooting FAQ for answers to common questions.

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