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Oracle Certification Exam Results Now Available Only From CertView

On November 15, 2012, Oracle's candidate certification portal, CertView, will give you access to your exam results. Upon completing an exam, you will be directed to log into CertView to view and print your exam results. Exam results are not available from the test center at the time of testing. CertView has been enhanced so you can access all certification and exam history in one place. These enhancements provide on demand access to Oracle Certification Logos, as well as requests from third parties for Oracle authorized verification of Certification(s). CertView is now the single source of truth for all candidate certification records. This allows for tighter integration when you interact with Oracle.

Recommended Actions:

If you’ve never logged into CertView, you must authenticate your CertView account BEFORE taking your next exam. This will ensure timely access to exam results.

To access CertView, you must have a Pearson VUE web account and an Oracle Web Account. If you have previously authenticated your CertView account, you can log in and access the CertView homepage here.

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