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Salary Survey Results

How does earning an Oracle Certification boost your earning potential?

Hear what certified students have to say.

Oracle Certifications:
Student Survey Data

  • Over 87% agree that Oracle Certification enhances their professional credibility.
  • 84% of certified students have seen their job prospects improve.
  • Over 70% say that Oracle Certification improved their earning power.
  • More than 83% find themselves to be more productive in their jobs.
  • Nearly 90% of students say they’re able to provide a higher level of service.
  • 80% of students confirm that Oracle Certifications help them tackle complex issues & projects.

Oracle Certified Candidates on
Employment Benefits of Certification

  • Over 90% of certification candidates say they get certified to increase knowledge or skills.
  • The same percentage say Oracle Certifications give them credibility when looking for a new job.
  • Nearly 55% of certified students say they're likely to remain in their jobs longer if their employer helps them become certified.

Gain an Edge in a
Competitive Market

You’ll experience the most important benefits of Oracle Certification during the actual process of becoming Oracle certified.

Preparing for certification exams broadens your knowledge by exposing you to a wide array of important features, functions and tasks. As you prepare, you’ll learn to perform complex, hands-on activities through lab, study and practice sessions.

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